POLYMERIS is the only competitiveness cluster dedicated to Plastic Industry in France, gathering more than 400 members, among them 250 companies and 95 R&D and training center. Since its creation in 2005, as former Plastipolis, it fosters and develops innovation for Plastic Industry, thanks to collaborative R&D projects, with around 170 funded projects and more than 25 European projects supported.

In addition of this activity, POLYMERIS would like to promote innovation in education and competencies management, but also help companies in their investment and industrialization activities and of course for their international development.


Pôle de compétitivité  Plasturgie
BP 10 029 Bellignat
180 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
01 115 Oyonnax  Cedex



Contact :
Maudez Le Dantec
+33 6 48 18 88 76


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